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How to Add a Pin to Tailwind Tribes from a Pinterest Board

How to Add a Pin to Tailwind Tribes From Your Own Pinterest Board

In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to add a Pinterest pin to a Tailwind Tribe directly from one of your own Pinterest boards, and a few benefits of doing so.

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There are various ways to add a pin to a Tailwind Tribe, and one of them — my preferred way — is to use the Tailwind Chrome extension to add a pin to a Tribe directly from one of my own Pinterest personal boards!

I've seen a lot of pins in Tailwind Tribes that weren't added from their own Pinterest boards (I'll get to how I know that) and have noticed some confusion in Tribes chat as to whether it's even possible to add a pin to Tribes directly from a board. So, I decided to make this quick tutorial for any Tribes peeps who've been wondering!

Keep reading to learn how to add a Pinterest pin to a Tailwind Tribe directly from one of your own Pinterest boards, and a few benefits of doing so.

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Typical Way to Add a Pinterest Pin to a Tailwind Tribe (Not From a Board)

There are a few ways a pin can be added to a Tribe, and it's easy to NOT add a pin to a Tribe from a Pinterest board, which is why some bloggers may not realize there's another option.

Here's a typical way many bloggers end up adding pins to Tribes:

Add Uploaded Pins Directly to Tribes from Tailwind Drafts

The most likely way you might add a pin to a Tribe is via your Tailwind Drafts. Many bloggers — myself included — like to schedule new pins this way.

It's easy to upload new pins directly to Tailwind, schedule them to boards, and add them to Tribes and even SmartLoop all at the same time using the Add to Tribes and Add to SmartLoop buttons below the pin description.

Tailwind Add to Tribes Button on New Pins Uploaded to Tailwind
You can add a pin uploaded to Tailwind directly to Tribes — but should you? 🙂

This method is definitely convenient, but the problem is it adds it's own version of the pin to Tribes, rather than giving some additional “credit” to a pin on one of your own boards.

How to Add a Pin to Tailwind Tribes From a Pinterest Board

Adding a pin to Tribes from a board is rather simple. Here's what you'll need:

  1. Pin you want to add to Tribes already pinned to at least 1 board
  2. Tailwind extension installed and ready to rock

Step 1: Pin to a Board

Yep, it's that simple! Step one is you need to pin the pin to any Pinterest board. But of course, you can use a bit of strategy here when picking which board choose, and which pin to add to Tribes. Generally speaking, whichever pin you choose to submit to Tribes is likely to get a natural engagement “boost,” as well as the board it was pinned to.

So, while you can technically choose a pin on any board, I recommend prioritizing your personal boards if possible for this tip, rather than a group board, or even someone else's repin of one of your pins. Generally, this will be the most relevant personal board for the pin, but there can be exceptions to this.

For example, maybe you have several versions of the pin that you've scheduled to multiple boards already, and one particular version seems to be getting more reach and engagement organically. You might want to choose THAT pin to submit to Tribes to help keep the momentum going on that original pin.

Or maybe you have a newer board that needs some love, you might want to prioritize sharing from that board to Tribes to help boost it's overall engagement.

I'll share my simply “strategy” for choosing my own pins to submit to Tribes below.

Step 2: Choose a Specific Pin to Add to Tribes

If you want to add a new pin to Tribes right away, just make sure to pin it to the most relevant board and then click to go directly to that pin URL.

If you've already pinned to multiple boards, you can check to see which “version” of the pin is already doing best organically, or choose a board that needs some love and find the pin on that board.

Step 3: Submit the Pin to Tribes with the Tailwind Extension

Once you've chosen a pin to send to Tribes, you can use the Tailwind extension to send it to one or more of your Tribes.

First, you'll want to make sure to go directly to the pin URL of the pin you want to submit. Then, just click the Tailwind button hovering over the pin image.

To add a pin to Tailwind Tribes from a board, go to the individual pin url and click the Tailwind extension button hovering over the pin.
Go directly to the pin URL and click the Tailwind button above the pin.

Note: I'm not sure if it matters, but I sometimes seem to have issues with the Tailwind extension unless I've clicked the individual pin first and then click the Tailwind button from there – so that's what I do!

When the Tailwind Pinterest Analytics window opens, you can scroll to the bottom of the pin and add it to Tribes right from there!

And that's it! 🙂

Tip: When you do this a lot as I do, you might end up with a lot of pins in your Tailwind Drafts that you haven't scheduled yet (or don't plan to schedule). That's just Tailwind way of saying “hey, I think you meant to schedule this.” If you're wondering, I have a quick tutorial on how to clear all of your Tailwind drafts at once.

My Simple Strategy for Adding Pins to Tribes

Though it's not quite as convenient initially, I always try to add my pins to Tribes directly from one of my own boards.

In fact, I like to pinpoint any pins that are doing particularly well and add THOSE directly from the board where it was pinned.

When I have a brand new pin, I'll make sure to pin it to at least 1 of my own personal boards before adding it to Tribe — starting with the most relevant board (at least the most relevant in my mind). I may pin the first pin directly from my blog post and then schedule to more boards via Tailwind, or upload to Tailwind and schedule from there, depending on my personal schedule and likelihood that I'll remember to manually pin a post on a specific day 😉

Either way, I'll schedule that first pin to at least a few relevant personal and group boards (using interval scheduling), and add the initial pin to a few Tribes using the Tailwind Chrome extension button. If I'm crunched for time I might just add the pin to all relevant Tribes on the same day, roughly spaced throughout the day.

THEN, I take note as to how the interval-scheduled pins are doing, and if a particular “version” of the pin seems to take off more than the others. If so, I might go to THAT EXACT PIN and add it to more Tribes using the Chrome extension. While I'm there, I might also add it to a SmartLoop, or wait a little longer on SmartLoop to see what happens.

Sometimes if I specifically want to give a particular board a boost, I might also send a pin to Tribes from that board.

Benefits of Adding a Pin to Tribes from a Pinterest Board

Boost to Your Own Boards + Original Pins

The biggest benefit in my mind is adding your pins to Tribes this way is, of course, the potential boost in engagement for your own original pins and Pinterest boards!

Before I started being intentional about submitting Tribe pins from Pinterest boards, I sometimes submitted new pins directly to Tribes, and noticed that sometimes bigger accounts who re-shared my pins would start getting crazy reach on them which is great, but then all that engagement credit was going to THEIR Pinterest account. Heck I'm totally fine with other pinners getting engagement credit on my pins where credit is due. And sometimes I'll even send their versions of my pins BACK to Tribes, especially if it's getting me some traffic, or ranking in search.

However, since brand new pins from my own site are most likely to get great engagement on my own Pinterest account anyway, I am extra intentional about submitting brand new pins to Tribes from my owns boards.

Links to Your Original Pins on Your Tribes Pins

Besides boosting your own Pinterest account, there's another potential “benefit,” that may or may not help you as the original pinner, but it might be helpful for your Tribemates.

When you add a pin to Tribes from a Pinterest board, a little Pinterest icon is added at the bottom of the pin that Tribemates can click on to view the original pin. This takes them to the exact pin URL of the pin that you submitted to the Tribe.

Note: This is also how I can tell if a pin hasn't been submitted from a pin that already exists on Pinterest no icon, no pre-existing pin.

Pinterest icon added to a Tailwind Tribes pin that links to the original pin on Pinterest
Pinterest icon added to a Tailwind Tribes pin that links to the original pin on Pinterest

Tip: I do actually have a personal use for this handy little “original pin” link — I created a private Tailwind Tribe just for my own pins, that I've started adding pins to that I want to keep track of. When I click the Pinterest icon on the pin in Tribes, it takes me directly to the pin on Pinterest, where I can check on its engagement.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this little tip helpful! I'd love to know if you try it, or if you have any other strategies or tips for adding pins to Tribes. Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  1. MJ @ Biztechprenista

    Yep you’re right, you can also add to tribes from published pins! I’m not sure how much it actually matters to share to tribes directly from a board, but for now I still like to try and do that for new pins especially:) That said, it might also be something to experiment with, especially because Tailwind seems to always be improving and becoming more closely tied into Pinterest’s own functionality, and sharing from Tailwind might be just like sharing directly from a board on Pinterest anyway. If ever I share an older pin to tribes (which I don’t actually do often), I do sometimes go to Tailwind to find the best-performing copy and might just share to tribes from there. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. MJ @ Biztechprenista

    Hi Lindsay, great question! I’ve experimented with different timing, and I’ve found that I seem to get the most traction in tribes from brand new (fresh) pins, probably because the organic reach is highest organically on new pins. In general, my own pins will get the most traction on Pinterest the first time they are pinned (though not always), which is why I like to pin them first to one of my own boards before sharing to Tribes. But to answer your question, I generally try to start sharing to tribes the same day I pin a fresh pin to Pinterest. Still, I might periodically experiment with different timing and even sharing straight from drafts (was just thinking I need to try that again soon ha), just to make sure things are still working the say way:) I encourage you to experiment to see if you get different results too, and let me know if you do! 😉

  3. Sorry forgot to mention/ask. There is a 3rd way to share to your Tribes. Within Tailwind, you go to the left sidebar > Publisher > Published Pins. This has all your pins from the past. In the list, next to every pin, there is the “Add to Tribes” button there as well. I wonder if this will give you the ‘credit’ that you mention in your blog post but without the side effect of the Pin being added back to Drafts in your “add from the Board” method.

  4. Hi there! Great post. Very informative on sharing to Tribes from your Boards (rather than on Tailwind Drafts). Question. How many days (if any) after you pin on your board do you share the pin on Tribes?

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