Check Individual Pin Stats (Not Aggregate) with Chrome

Pins Stats Chrome Hack - How to Check Individual Pin Stats with Chrome - Not Aggregate
Here’s a free way to check impressions (views), saves, clicks and more for individual Pinterest pin URLs, for your personal and group boards, using the Chrome browser.

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Wondering which of your Pinterest pin URLs are actually getting the most traction? Here's a free way to check impressions, saves, clicks and more for individual pins, for your personal and group boards.

But before I show you this hack, here are a few things to note:

  • I've tried this hack using Chrome and Firefox, but it only worked on Chrome. So, while it may or may not work similarly on another web browser, everything I'll be showing you will be based on using the Chrome browser.
  • It works for me as of May 2019, but things are always changing, so it may not work — or may work differently — in the future.
  • It involves looking at the source code of the pin URL, and is a little tedious. However, you don't have to understand code at all, and I'll show you exactly what to look for.
  • It will only work if you are logged in to your Pinterest account.
  • It will only work for YOUR pins that YOU'VE pinned to your personal boards or group boards. In other words, you can't use it to spy on your competitor's stats. 😉 But it's definitely helpful in evaluating whether the boards you're pinning to are actually helping your pins!
  • You might want to wait a day or more after pinning a pin to a particular board to check on the stats for that board. Pinterest often doesn't update until the next day, and you want to give to pin a little time to gain some traction.

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Aggregate Pin Stats vs. Individual Pin URL Stats

If you're unfamiliar with Pinterest's “aggregate” pin stats, the idea is that Pinterest attempts to combine, or aggregate, all of the stats of pins with the same image leading to the same link.

I've noticed that this isn't a perfect science, and rather than ALL versions of the same image getting clumped together, they will break off into “new aggregated clumps” at any given time.

Each time a pin is pinned to a new board, that copy of the pin is given a unique pin URL. While technically each URL has it's own stats, Pinterest no longer makes it easy to view them.

Seeing aggregated pin stats can be helpful in figuring out which pin images (combined with pin descriptions) do well in general.

However, they can make it difficult to figure out which individual copies of the pin are actually getting most of the views, saves and clicks.

Which of these Pinterest pins actually got ZERO clicks and saves? Learn how to see individual pin stats (not aggregate!)

Here's an example of 2 different copies (URLs) of the same pin that were pinned to different boards, with each showing the same exact aggregated stats:

Aggregate pin stats for 2 different pin urls
Which one actually got ZERO clicks and saves??

*In case you're wondering, only you can see these Impressions / Saves / Link Clicks stats for your own pins, but everyone can see the pin count above the pin's description text.

One of these was pinned to a personal board, and the other to a group board. As you can see, they both display the same numbers, and there are multiple other pin URLs that show the same exact aggregated stats as well.

But according to my Chrome hack, one of the above pin URLs got 7 clicks and 6 repins, and the other got NO clicks or repins (saves)!

Of course, I find this information valuable, because if I'm regularly pinning to a board that actually isn't helping my pins at all — whether my own board or a group board — I wanna know!

Chrome Stats Method vs. Tailwind Pin Inspector

If you have Tailwind Plus for Pinterest, you can view certain stats on your pins using the pin inspector. Namely, you can view individual saves (repins) on individual pin URLs, similarly to this Chrome method.

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However, you can't see the pin impressions or clicks with Tailwind. And while the save counts often match the counts I see with the Chrome methods, they are sometimes different. In fact, this method, Tailwind, Pinterest analytics, and Google Analytics all seem to vary slightly at any given time.

I'd like to think that Pinterest's own stats are more reliable than Tailwind, if I had to pick one. However, if you want a quick and easy way to compare save counts only on individual pins, using the pin inspector is accurate enough to give a decent comparison. But if you really need to pinpoint which pins are doing well (especially clicks!) and which boards they are pinned to, you might want to still use this Chrome method to gather more info.

If you don't have Tailwind, you can use this Chrome method to check your pins stats for free!

How to Check Individual Pin Stats with the Chrome Browser

The process for checking stats on pins pinned to personal boards and group boards is mostly the same, but the code you'll need to find is in different places.

I'll start with the steps that are the same for both personal boards and group boards:

Step 1: Select a Pin

You'll first need to find a pin you want to analyze, then click on that pin to go directly to that pin's unique URL.

REMINDER: Make sure you are using the Chrome browser!

Step 2: View the Pin's Page Source Code

From the exact page of the pin, right-click and select View Page Source.

Or, just add view-source: to the beginning of the URL, with no spaces. The full link should look like this, but with different numbers at the end:


Step 3: Scroll Down Until You Find Line 197 (Usually) OR Just Look for the End of the Colored Text

In the source code, scroll down until you get to lin 197

*Note: Line 197 is OFTEN a good starting point for me, but it can sometimes be different. It seems to always be 197 when I'm on a Mac, but after trying this on a PC I noticed that it was 196. Honestly, the hardest part of this entire tip is just finding the dang code! When in doubt, look for the end of the colored text 😉

From here, you'll scroll down a little further, depending on whether the pin posted to a personal board or group board.

TIP: How to Tell Which Board a Pin Was Pinned To

To see which board a pin was pinned to, go to the pin URL and scroll until you see the pin description. It should say {someone} pinned to {board name}, like this:

Assuming you can tell which board names are your own personal boards or group boards, you're set 😉

Remember, this hack will only work for YOUR pins that YOU pinned to a personal board or group board.

Check Stats on Personal Board Pins

From line 197 in the page source code, scroll down to the first block of “i.pinimg” links.

A little further down, find the code that starts with “per_pin_analytics”

Here you'll find the number of impressions, date pinned, number of clicks, saves, and closeups for that individual pin URL. Pretty cool, right?!

Check Stats on Group Board Pins

For group boards, you'll scroll past the SECOND block of i.pinimg URLs and find the same “per_pin_analytics” info.

Wrapping Up

Whew! I warned you this hack is a little tedious, and it will start to hurt your eyes if you look through that source code for too long! But all in all, I think it's an easy way to get a behind-the-scenes look at an individual pins performance. I hope you think so too!

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