10 of the Best Overlooked Pinterest Hacks 2019

10 Overlooked Pinterest Hacks 2019 - Best Pinterest Tips for Business You Haven't Heard Yet
The best Pinterest tips for business you probably haven’t heard of yet! You can quickly and easily implement most of these Pinterest hacks that work, for FREE!

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links, which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission or “store credit” for referring you :)

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite simple-to-advanced Pinterest hacks I haven’t seen many (or any) talking about. You might know about some of them already, but I’d be surprised if you know about ALL of them — so here’s hoping you find a fun new trick to implement today! 🙂

Best Pinterest Tips for Business (You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet)

Here’s a quick summary of the Pinterest tips I’ll be covering:

1. Schedule Pins for FREE (with Pinterest-Approved Schedulers!)

Trying to make the most of a small budget? There are several Pinterest-Approved schedulers you can use totally for free! With a free pin scheduler, you are forfeiting some features available in paid solutions, and they aren’t ideal for curating and scheduling others’ content. Still, being able to schedule even a small amount of your own content ahead of time can save you time and let you focus on other tasks for a bit.

>> Learn more about the best free Pinterest scheduling tools.

2. Use Tailwind Tribes for Free

If you’re not already using Tailwind Tribes to boost your Pinterest reach and snag more traffic, you need to start ASAP! Tailwind Tribes are the BEST way to get more shares on your pins, often by highly-relevant Pinterest users in your niche. It’s a great way to “network” without actually having to say anything (where my introverts at?) 😉 And you can use Tribes for free, even without a paid Tailwind account — as long as you make sure to still follow the rules of each Tribe and not make the admins’ job harder by missing an important step!

>> Learn more about the right way to use Tailwind Tribes for free.

New to Tailwind? Here’s a free trial and coupon!

Tailwind FREE Trial + Coupon
Get 100 FREE scheduled pins + $15 credit towards a paid plan!

3. Add Multiple Pinterest Accounts to Your Pinterest Dashboard + Stay Logged In

Whether you manage multiple Pinterest accounts for other brands or just want to be able to to stay logged into your own business account and personal account, you don’t have to log out and back in every time you want to check a different account! You can add up to 4 Pinterest accounts to your Pinterest dashboard, and switch between them without logging out!

>> Learn how to switch between multiple Pinterest accounts from your Pinterest dashboard.

4. “Manual Pin” / Repin with Tailwind

Since Pinterest has hinted that they don’t love it when you repin content from your own boards directly from Pinterest, you can use Tailwind to help – even if you want the pin to post right away.

Personally, I sometimes do repin my own content on Pinterest from OTHER people’s boards (like if someone kindly repins my pin or shares from my post, I might repin THAT pin to one of my own boards). But if there are no relevant repins or shares for my pin yet, or if I see one of my pins (from my own board) show up in search and want to encourage Pinterest to keep it there, I often just use Tailwind’s extension to schedule it for later, or pin it right away.

To “manual pin” right away with the Tailwind extension, you can send it to your schedule and then go to your schedule in Tailwind and click “pin now.” Or, you can do what I generally do, which is just “schedule” the pin for a custom time, 1 minute in the future 😉

>> Learn more about how and why to “manual pin” with Tailwind.

5. See Who’s Pinning Your Content (with Stats!)

You may have already seen that you can see the most recent pins from your site by going to https://www.pinterest.com/source/YOURDOMAIN.com/ and that’s well and good.

Personally, I like to go the the Activity tab in my Pinterest dashboard (or go to https://www.pinterest.com/PINTERESTUSERNAME/_activities/) because this tab ONLY shows pins from your site that other people have pinned, and when you are logged in you can see a summary of stats for each pin. If you like to manually repin your own content from other people’s boards, this is a great place to quickly scan for pins to repin!

6. Find “Suggested” Keywords + Hashtags to Use

You may have noticed that as you’re scrolling through pins on Pinterest, you’ll often come across a list of clickable keywords that Pinterest thinks “you might also like.” Essentially, these are keywords that Pinterest thinks those pins are about. Sometimes they’re spot on, and sometimes they’re not…

A good way to get an idea of how Pinterest is categorizing YOUR pins is to click on a pin and scroll down to the “you might also like” suggestions. If the related pins are closely related to your pin topic, that’s a good thing! And if you see any clickable keyword or hashtag lists while you’re scrolling and THEY are relevant, these are great to try adding to your pin description the next time you pin or schedule it! This will not only help your pin get found in search, but it will help signal to Pinterest that they are categorizing your pin correctly.

If the related pins and suggest keywords and hashtags are NOT inline with your intended pin topic, you might want to use Pinterest’s guided search or the tips below to choose your own relevant keywords!

7. Guided Search Alternative: Find More Pinterest Keyword Ideas (with Search Volumes)

If you haven’t poked around Pinterest’s ads section yet, you’re missing out! You don’t have to pay to get some great keyword ideas, and with search volumes! Note that 5M is the highest metric Pinterest displays, so if the search volume is actually higher than that you won’t be able to tell.

To find keywords, just go to Ads > Create Ad > Traffic Campaign > Continue.

Then, scroll down to the Keywords box and start typing in possible topics in the Search bar. Note that for whatever reason, not all topics you type into the search box will display related keywords, so if the first word or phrase you try doesn’t return any results, just try something similar.

From the list of keyword ideas, you can use the + icons to add keywords to the left box, and copy the ones you like when you’re done!

Searching for Pinterest Keyword Ideas in the Ads Dashboard
Finding New Pinterest Keyword Ideas in the Ads Dashboard

8. Strategically Name + Fill Your Boards

So if you’ve done any Pinterest marketing research, you’ve likely already heard of Carly from mommyonpurpose.com and Jennifer from potpigirl.com. They are 2 smart cookies, and I love and respect that they test things for themselves and share fresh insight (girls after my own heart!) rather than just parroting the same info you see everywhere else. The next few tips are found in their paid (yet surprisingly affordable!) resources.

This Pinterest board strategy is best implemented right from the start, but even if you’ve already been using your Pinterest account for a while, you can update your boards to better optimize them.

In Pinteresting Strategies, Carly gives some great insightful thoughts on how to name your Pinterest boards to maximize chances of being found, and fill them with the right kind of content (and why you ideally SHOULDN’T just start pinning your own content to a new board). In general, this is one of the best overall courses for beginner through advanced pinners, but especially if you can use it to set up your account from the start.

If you’re interested in a similar strategy that focuses specifically on naming your boards, you can check out the Pin Signals ebook by PotPieGirl.

>> Learn more about the Pinteresting Strategies course

>> Learn more about the Pin Signals ebook

9. Find Google Keywords Pinterest will Love

In PotPieGirl’s P.I.Q. ebook, she shows you a pretty quick and easy but powerful tip to find some untapped keyword potential that will have both Google and Pinterest loving your pins! I almost didn’t share this one, it’s so smart! You’re welcome 😉

>> Learn more about the P.I.Q. ebook

10. Find and “Pimp” Your Best-Performing Pins

I hinted earlier that sometimes you need to help Pinterest steer your pins in the right direction so they can be found in the right place! Carly gives a lot of great tips about this in Pinteresting Strategies, but if you want to go even deeper and figure which pins Pinterest considers your “best pins” (for better or worse!), Jennifer’s P.I.M.P course is pretty fascinating!

Note P.I.M.P is pretty technical and not for Pinterest beginners or the faint of heart! But if you’re ready to take some time to sit and analyze your pins for hours, it will really get you thinking about how to improve your Pinterest strategy! Also note, it may not be available all throughout the year.

>> Learn more about the Pinteresting Strategies course

>> Learn more about the P.I.M.P course

Wrapping Up

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