MJ's Must-Have List

*Each of these resources is something that I regularly use and rely on myself!  Note that some of the links are affiliate or referral links, which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission or “store credit,” at no additional cost or effort to you.

The only place I’ll buy web domain names now (yep, I’m kind of a hoarder!), because they’re affordable (as the name would suggest), and I like the usability of the platform.  But perhaps MOST importantly, I love that I can add FREE domain privacy to all of my domains for life!

Where I host my WordPress sites (yeah I hoard them too!), including this one!  I don’t plan to leave any time soon, because I’ve used their chat support many times and it is top notch! Often rather than just telling you how to do something they will do it for you.  Also, the free SG Optimizer plugin is kind bomb and eliminates my need for several other plugins and otherwise tedious maintenance tasks. For instance, here’s how you can easily change your WordPress PHP version inside the plugin!

Tailwind really is the best way I’ve found to schedule pins to Pinterest, and Tailwind TRIBES are an amazing way to get more Pinterest shares and traffic, even for a new or smaller blogger!  You can try Tailwind + tribes FREE for a month here when you sign up for a new Tailwind account.

While not actually my first choice for creating and selling online courses (my first choice would be to use something on my own WordPress site that I could customize to my heart’s delight! However…), it’s currently the only choice I’ve come across that will handle EU VAT taxes for me – and that’s something I just don’t need to worry about right now!

Plus, I’m kinda digging it now that I’ve gotten the hang of some customization hacks… If you’re feeling a little boxed in with Teachable’s default design options, check out my FREE mini course on styling your Teachable school with custom CSS!  It’s full of copy + paste code snippets you can use on any Teachable plan, even the FREE plan!

My favorite place to find premium DIY design and branding templates and fonts!  TIP: make sure to check out their weekly design freebies.

My favorite way to create colorful spreadsheets and organize my digital images and files online (all for FREE)!

The humble Google Doc is my favorite place to outline and write content for blog posts, courses, and more!
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