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As a thank-you for purchasing the Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell (aka the best beginner-to-advanced Pinterest marketing strategy course on the market) through my link, you'll also get a couple of bonuses from me that you'll love, especially if you're new to Tailwind or Tailwind Tribes!

How I Can Offer These Bonuses (Affiliate Disclaimer)

When you purchase through my link, I'll get a commission for referring you, at no additional cost or inconvenience to you. This commission makes it possible for me to offer these bonuses as a thank you to you for free, and all you have to do is click through my link to make the purchase!

BONUS 1: $15 Tailwind Credit

If you've been thinking about giving Tailwind (my fave Pinterest scheduler) a try, this bonus is for you!

To start off, you'll get $15 to use towards a paid Tailwind account, in ADDITION to the free trial of 100 scheduled pins with no time limit!

This means you can schedule 100 pins (and have access to all of Tailwind's awesome stats and helpful features) over 3 days or 300 days, and still not pay a penny. BUT if and when you decide you love Tailwind and want to upgrade to a paid account, you'll also have $15 sitting in your account to use towards your first month (or 1.5 months, if you go for the yearly plan)!

NOTE: This bonus will be available in the first module of the next bonus 🙂

BONUS 2: Tailwind Tribes QuickStart Video Class

Tailwind Tribes are a great [introverted] way to “collaborate” with other pinners and get lots more shares on your pins! And technically, you can use them totally for free (i.e. without a paid Tailwind account).

They are one of the best ways to boost your Pinterest traffic, especially if you are a new or niche blogger! Biztechprenista.com is a pretty niche blog, and frankly not a super popular Pinterest topic. Tribes have helped me gain exponentially more clicks and engagement on Pinterest than I could have gotten on my own!

Not currently available anywhere else, this bonus is an hour's worth of short videos taking you behind the scenes of my personal best-performing Tailwind Tribe (that gets me the most shares and reach on Pinterest from my fellow Tribemates). I share my best Tribes tips along the way, including why I think this Tribe works for me but wouldn't for others, and who should focus more on general vs. niche Tribes.

Then I walk you through how to get started with Tribes from scratch, finding, joining and navigating your Tribes, and finally evaluating them for effectiveness (so you don't keep wasting time and Tribe submissions on Tribes that aren't working for you).

A peek inside Tailwind Tribes QuickStart:

P.S. You would of course get access to any future updates to the course! I'm open to requests if you think anything is missing 🙂

How to Access the Bonuses

All you have to do to access the bonuses is to purchase Pinteresting Strategies through my link, and then you should automatically receive an email with instructions to access my bonuses, along with how to access the Pinteresting Strategies course. (Note: You will NOT automatically be added to my email list and start getting stuff you didn't sign up for. In fact, I won't even send you course update emails until you actually register to enroll in the course). If you have any trouble accessing the bonuses, you'll have access to my contact email so you can get in touch.

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