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Where to Find Great Lifetime Deals on Online Biz Tools

Where to Find Great Lifetime Deals on Online Biz Tools

Ever feel like you’re stuck between going without the tools you need to grow your online business, and being buried in debt before you’ve even sprouted roots? Enter my secret weapon for savvy entrepreneurs on a budget!

*This post may contain affiliate or referral links, which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission or “store credit” for referring you :)

Ever feel like you’re stuck between going without the tools you need to grow your online business, and being buried in debt before you’ve even sprouted roots?  I know I have!

Limitations of Free Biz Tools

Of course, there are plenty of free tools available, and some of them are great, but many of them require you to pay in extra time and effort to get them to do what you need if they’re capable of doing them at all.  

Also, many free tools simply can’t scale with you as you grow, and so starting out with them, in the beginning, may ultimately be a waste of time trying to migrate to something else once you’re already established.  

This may or may not be a big deal, but ideally, whether you’re using free or paid tools, it’s always a good idea to start out with the tools that you can build a foundation on from the beginning, so you won’t have to uproot everything once you actually grow and start finding success (and have even less time to deal with things like migration than you do now).  

Trust me, I understand the need to be budget-conscious, especially when starting out and you’re not even sure if or when your biz efforts will start bringing in some cash flow.  Committing to ongoing payments makes me particularly nervous, which is why I’m a fan of buying lifetime access to tools for affordable one-time fees wherever possible. Even better if I can get a money-back guarantee!

Enter my secret weapon… Appsumo!

Benefits of One-Time Fees

I gotta say, I’m a stickler for NOT encouraging people to get themselves stuck with regular expenses for things they don’t need, and there are few paid subscriptions to tools I’d enthusiastically recommend. Generally speaking, if I invest in a subscription-based tool myself, it’s either absolutely necessary (Web hosting is a great example, because there's really no way around it, I’ve gotta purchase it one way or another, so it’s just a matter of finding the best option for me), or it covers a lot of bases and gives me a ton of bang for my buck, and / or it’s just truly the best option I can find for my needs.

For instance, I’d much rather use one social media scheduler that covers ALL the platforms I use than try and work with 4 different free or paid tools optimized for only 1 or 2.

Wherever it still makes sense, I go with FREE options wherever I can.

However, time is money, and my own most valuable resource. And wonky systems where I ultimately end up having to re-enter info in 5 different applications that don’t work together, and then eventually scrap the whole thing and start with something new because I’ve outgrown it, is NOT gonna help me make money faster! Sometimes trying to make everything work within “FREE” and “the cheapest option” just gets you stuck… and that’s not a good place to be, for yourself or your business! This is coming from the biggest cheapskate on the planet! 😛

So, I AM an advocate of investing in the right tools, if they are a good fit for your current and long-term goals, and will truly help you level up:) By my own definition, these are “no-brainer deals.” (link on my site!)

I’m honestly a little addicted to Appsumo right now for that reason because they offer so many things that I would normally not be able to invest in for YEARS to come based on the subscription fees! And yet, for a smallish one-time fee, I’m able to start leveling up some things that would have taken me much longer by sticking with the free-or-cheap-only route, while also investing in other entrepreneurs trying to get their ideas off the ground! #winwin 🙂

Affordable Lifetime Access to Biz Tools with Appsumo

I’m super pumped about some of the deals I’ve purchased from Appsumo so far, and I can’t wait to see how they morph and grow into the kind of drool-worthy tools that make non-Appsumo users think “maybe in a few years I could justify the cost of that…”!

Now that you’ve got my personal take on it, let’s dig into Appsumo and why it’s currently my #1 secret weapon for leveling up my biz on a budget!

What is Appsumo?

  • It’s like a crowdfunding site for biz tool makers, only you get so much crazy value for “donating” to their cause it’s not funny!
  • Unlike a crowdfunding site, the tools are already made, so you can use them right away! But your feedback is also valued above anyone else’s, and most participants are quick to make BIG improvements with your investment!
  • It’s a limited-time deal site that typically gives you LIFETIME access to new, cutting-edge products (mostly web apps that don’t offer a lifetime access option otherwise) for entrepreneurs, created by startups just like you! These are one-time fee deals, and usually include lifetime access to updates, even if they become super famous and expensive in the future 😉 Just make sure to read the details about a deal to understand exactly what is and isn’t included in a particular deal, and don’t forget to check the comments because there are typically a ton of great questions answered about specific inclusions, as well as expectations for future improvements and inclusions!

Some example products might include:

  • Video editing software
  • Social media scheduling app
  • Online marketing course
  • Software for booking clients
  • WordPress custom page builder
  • Outreach software to encourage big names who have no idea who you are to start promoting the heck out of your stuff!
  • And the list goes on and on!

Why Should I Check Out Appsumo as a Budget-Conscious Biz Owner?

  • Because you want and NEED to catch a break, beyond finding the occasional killer FREE tool that fits your needs perfectly, and somehow invest in something that can truly start to scale your efforts without completely killing your biz budget!
  • Because you want to “splurge” on something without feeling instant regret and guilt, knowing that you’re investing in your biz growth (as well as someone else’s biz growth!) but haven’t had to commit to a regular monthly fee to do it!
  • Because if you DO experience buyer’s remorse, you can email Appsumo for a prompt refund (I’ve done this and there were no questions asked)!
  • Because the one-time cost of one of these tools is often close to what you’d pay for ONE MONTH of access to something similar!
  • Expand into some potential

What’s the Catch?

Because almost all of these tools are in their infant stages, there are often bugs and/or a LOT of things that still need to be built, so you’ll likely find yourself waiting on many of the features you want, for many of the deals.

The good news is, almost all of the Appsumo deal participants are hungry for feedback, and anxious to take YOUR suggestions to build some amazing things for those who chose to invest at ground zero (i.e. you!). And, because you only had to invest ONCE, typically for a fee of less than $40, there is very little risk involved compared to signing up for a monthly service that you’re not ready to use anyway. Instead of watching your hard earned dollars slip down the drain month after month, you can watch your little nest egg investment grow WITH you into something worth much more than you paid, that OTHER people will end up paying for on a regular basis!

Check out Appsumo a snag a great deal!

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