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11 Easy DIY Desk Organization Ideas Using Items Around the House

11 DIY Desk Organization Ideas Using Items Around the House

These simple DIY projects (mostly using cardboard) will help you create a clutter-free home office workspace without having to go to the store or spend money.

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As I write this I'm stuck at home along with the rest of the world in the middle of a pandemic. I already mostly work from home, and frankly, the introvert in me kind of appreciates an excuse to hole away and do things like work on this blog and catch up on laundry.

But I know this isn't a snow day, and it hasn't escaped me that people are really struggling. Many are feeling panicked, bored, discouraged and even hopeless, if not physically sick or grieving for a loved one.

Hearing about how so many are needing to suddenly work from home (or have lost work or their jobs altogether) inspired me to go searching for some fun, easy and FREE ideas to set up and organize a home office space by recycling items you probably already have in your home (mostly cardboard!).

Of course, I know that doing a DIY project like this won't solve life's big problems. But whether you need to work from home for your day job, or have found yourself in the position of wanting (or needing) to find other ways to make money from home, these simple projects will help you create a cozy and clutter-free workspace without having to go out to the store or spend any money.

And while these ideas probably aren't what you have in mind when you think “dream home office,” in a pinch, they are pretty dang clever… and some are pretty dang cute! So I hope they can help brighten your day, even if just a bit:)


1. DIY Cereal Box Magazine File Holder

Source: Ehow

I love magazine file holders! They are so useful for storing all kinds of things in tight spaces. Thankfully, making your own is super easy as long as you've got a cereal box, and maybe some pretty paper or paint!

2. DIY Clipboard + Paper Command Center

Source: Tater Tots and Jello

I love that this command center idea not only looks cool, but it creates hanging “pockets” of storage with paper!

3. DIY Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

Source: Two Twenty One

This is so simple and so cute! If you've got a spare picture frame hanging around, you can make your own pretty dry erase board! Why didn't I think of that?

4. DIY Cardboard Box Drawer Organizers

Source: La Casa de Lavanda

These may take a little more time and effort, but would be so worth it! If you've got several cereal boxes or other small cardboard boxes from your pantry, you can create custom little drawer organizers!

5. DIY Binder Clip Cable Management

Source: Lifehack

This is is probably my favorite, because it's SO simple yet so clever!

6. DIY Cereal Box File Folders

Source: Tip Junkie

Need to organize some files but don't have any file folders? If you've got some empty cereal boxes you can make your own!

7. DIY Shoebox Desk Organizer

Source: Lifehack

You might want to be a little careful with how much weight you put on these, but if you've got some empty shoeboxes you can piece together modular desk storage like these! The binder clips are a great idea, especially if you only need a temporary solution and want to be able to reuse the boxes later. Or, you could staple the boxes together if you'd rather not see the clips.

8. DIY Under-Shelf (or Under-Desk) Jelly Jar Storage

Source: Lifehack

Genius! Bolt a jar lid to the bottom of your desk or a shelf, fill the jar with office supplies, then screw the jar into place!

9. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Desk Organization

Source: Curbly

In a pinch, this is a great idea for organizing small computer or device cables, as well as pens, pencils, etc. *TIP: For storing long cables, try storing them in paper towel rolls!

10. DIY Cardboard Box Drawer Separators

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you want a simple drawer organizer solution, this one is pretty simple and genius! You can even cut the cardboard to fit snuggly inside any drawer.

11. DIY Cardboard Box Triangle Desk Organizer

Source: BuzzFeed

This is not only functional but fun to look at! Build your own modular triangle storage with pieces of cardboard!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed these fun and clever desk organization ideas!
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11 Easy DIY Desk Organization Ideas Using Items Around the House

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